((So yeah, kinda wanna do something nice for Miss Cheerilee..))

((EDIT: All done! Thanks for the help, guys :D!

In case you didn’t know, it’s her birthday tomorrow. It’s true, Pinkie said so in “A Friend In Deed” last year! I say we all leave her a nice greeting on the Chalkboard. So here’s the deal, I’ve uploaded a .PSD/.SAI/.PNG template for you all to use (links below), it contains a layer of the allowed chalk colors, and a Chalkboard layer. Leave her a nice birthday drawing or short message. And remember to keep it class appropriate.

Send them to, I’ll make sure she doesn’t see ‘em before they go up.

Once I get them all in, I’ll arrange them all on the board and include them it in the next post.

I personally use a custom brush I downloaded, but use whatever tools you can to make it look chalky please! Sign it too, if you like.


Have fun!

—The Intern))

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